MERGE training services include:

  • Introduction to Healthy Men and Boys
  • Change Maker Training – 2-day intensive
  • Training of Trainers – 5-day intensive, followed by supervised field-work
  • Advanced Training – Customized in-depth focus on a range of topics
  • Keynote Presentations
  • Conference Workshops

Our trainings are for people of all genders about male gender socialization and the strategies and skills for promoting the development of compassionate, non-violent and equitable boys and men. These highly participatory programs, use personal reflection and cross-gender dialogue to accomplish the following goals:

  • Understand the dynamics of male socialization and its impacts on boys and girls, women and men, families and communities.
  • Understand how violence and trauma contribute to the construction of dominant forms of masculinity.
  • Explore the intersection of masculinities and race, class and homophobia.
  • Learn strategies for engaging men and boys and women and girls in the development of healthy non-violent masculinity.
  • Practice skills of cross-gender dialogue and build partnerships between men and women for personal and social change.
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