Fall 2017 Healthy Boys Training

Presented by the MERGE Early Childhood Initiative

Developing Healthy Boys Training:
Raising Emotionally and Socially Connected Boys

A two-day training for early childhood educators and allied professionals

November 29 & 30, 2017   |   8:30am – 4:00pm   |   LaQuinta Inn & Suites, Springfield, MA

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At MERGE, we envision a future where the emotional and social development of boys – starting from an early age – is skillfully and compassionately supported by caregivers and educators.  As a result, boys thrive personally, socially and academically, and continue on this path to become men who are compassionate and accountable partners in safe and equitable families, work places and communities.

Training Audience: This pilot training will foster the development of gender-responsive knowledge, attitudes and practices in early childhood educators and allied professionals in: early childhood (age 0-5), school-age education (age 6-10), child care and family services, children's librarians, home visitation, and higher education programs that credential early childhood educators.

Curriculum Focus: Understanding and analyzing the roots of male gender socialization, exposing gender stereotypes, and teaching strategies which foster the development of emotionally and socially connected boys. This transformational training is experiential and dialogue based, including individual, small group and large group formats.

Our partners: In partnership with three leading early childhood agencies in Springfield, MA – Head Start, Square One and Preschool Enrichment Team – we have created a pilot program based on the specific needs of, and challenges facing, early childhood educators.

Learning outcomes: This transformational training is experiential and dialogue based, including individual, small group and large group formats.

  1. Participants are trained in gender responsive approach to child development, leading to improved teaching practice and engagement.
  2. Participants are trained in the Whole Book Approach to child literacy, in concert with the MERGE Children’s Book Campaign readings, resulting in strengthened dialogue and learning relationships and increased exposure to gender equity themes.
  3. Participants apply gender responsive practices in classrooms and with families resulting in enhanced social-emotional development.

All training participants will receive:

  1. Free copies of selected books from MERGE's Children's Book Campaign list
  2. Training Manual
  3. Breakfast and lunch each day
  4. A certificate for 10 training hours 

Fee:  $250 before October 31st / $290 after October 31st.