Theory of Change

The MERGE Theory of Change affirms our shared humanity, takes stock of current conditions, envisions a desired future and prescribes a catalyzing strategy to achieve this future.

Theory of Change

Natural State

Boys and men are naturally loving, life affirming and sustained by connection.

Current Reality

Far too often, boys and men are socialized in ways that promote emotional disconnection, social isolation, dominance and violence. Reinforcement of these social expectations are harmful to all people, including boys and men, relationships, families and communities. Boys and men also have access to opportunity, security and a variety of social benefits, not afforded to people of all genders. These privileges often lead to the oppression of women, children and marginalized groups, in subtle to extreme ways.

Catalyzing Strategy

MERGE seeks to transform how boys are socialized from a young age and engaged later in life as men. This shift is essential to achieving gender equality. Core strategies for accomplishing this mission include: training and consulting services, annual summits and advocacy initiatives.

Desired Future

We envision a world that promotes the natural loving and life-affirming qualities of boys and men. This empowers boys and men to experience and help create healthy, compassionate, non-violent relationships and partner with people of all genders to serve as effective agents of change – to promote equality at home and in the community.