The MERGE Approach©

MERGE for Equality, Inc. works to advance the beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors that allow men and boys to be their authentic selves and embrace their role in ensuring gender equality. We do this with individuals, groups, and communities across the globe, in alliance with girls, women and all marginalized people.

There are three pillars of our work that are proven and remain constant. These are core elements, which MERGE embodies as we work to achieve our mission.


We recognize that boys and men both benefit from, and are harmed by, gender inequality.


We believe boys and men have an important role in advancing gender equality.


We work to empower individuals and strengthen communities, by emphasizing collaboration and inclusiveness.


Building on these pillars, MERGE provides three core services:  Training and Consulting, Annual Summit and Advocacy, aimed at:

  • Promoting a deeper understanding of masculinity and reframing the conversation around men and boys
  • Convening strategic partnerships that promote best practices, networking and collective action in order to forge deep connections across social divides.
  • Building capacity by training, coaching, mentoring, and providing resources to individuals and groups involved in community building.
  • Galvanizing, developing, and supporting the next generation of change agents.

We prioritize working with members of each community to customize our methods and best position our efforts to provide the services they seek.

For a downloadable MERGE Services Brochure, click here.