Mission Statement

To engage people and communities in transforming masculinity to advance gender equality.


Core Definitions


refers to the expectations, roles and responsibilities, which families, cultures and societies use to characterize individuals based on assigned biological sex. Gender roles and expectations are learned – starting at a young age, vary across culture and class, and can change over time. While often limited to either masculine (for males) or feminine (for females), gender categories are more diverse and include transgender (including those assigned male sex who identify as gender female and those assigned female sex who identify gender male).

Transforming Masculinity

is essential to advancing gender equality. It starts with socializing boys to be their naturally loving and life affirming selves, capable of expressing a full range of emotions and treating everyone with respect. It also includes the expectation that people of all genders will be equally empowered to live fulfilling lives – that boys and men will not be afforded privilege and power because of their gender. It leads to equal partnership in the home, community and society, helping ensure fair life outcomes for all.

Gender Equality

refers to the equal treatment of individuals based on gender, (a woman earning the same income as a man for performing the same work, a man accepted for expressing emotions or crying, a transgender person free to choose pronouns or restrooms). Women and transgendered individuals are more likely to be disadvantaged and marginalized whereas men are more likely to benefit from gender imbalances. Gender equality is beneficial for people of all genders.

Together we are – Transforming Masculinity to Advance Gender Equality